Masiro 2010

My name is Michael Oware Onyango, born in Masiro, Kathieno (b), Lwanda Village.I am the founder of Masiro BodaBoda Makers and repairers Technology, I have been making bicycles since 1996, in Kisumu Dunga, Kenya and now employ a team of 4 people. We buy metal tubing and construct our bicycles from scratch. Each bicycle is different and we can make them to order.

Boda boda Loader

Masiro 2010 Customised BicycleOur bicycles can include a rack for luggage or passengers, and suspension can be customised on each bicycle. Our bicycles include lots of suspension because of the pot holes in kenyan roads, to enable carrying luggage and to prevent the frame being damaged.

We can also include features like a dynamo to charge a mobile phone, or wet cell for lighting.

We can also repair and customize motorbikes from our workshop in Kisumu.there are things i modified in motorbike such as gear leaver customers do not need to weld it if it is slip,break that can take 3 month i modified and doubles to 6 months,piston Rings that has become weak and leaves the oil to smoke i modify and no smoking a gain, meaning that piston rings are renewable. inventing a mobile charger involve.

I Micheal Onyango,as a technologist and an entrepreneur having realized the emergence of Motorcycle business over Bicycles in the area,i have added to my workshop appropriate technology to cater for my motorcycle clients.I am also an innovator in the areas of generator and other machines. e.g Water Pump generator which can be used as an electricity generating power turbine.

We are also looking for like minded innovators and engineers in Kisumu to establish an enterprise that deals in mechanical and power engineering.This initiative can also tap raw talents in Kisumu and also create jobs to the many unemployed youths.

Even-though we are working mostly on motorcycles engines and repairs,we also have the skills to assembly and build motorcycles, water pump machine etc.

Micheal Onyango the founder of  Masiro Technology.

Invention of the year 2013, Wind Turbine Technology
Micheal Onyango

Check out my video of the wind turbine innovation:-

For more technical innovation pictures and videos,you can find me on facebook at Onyango Michealoware.


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